Becoming – corpus [Publication] //
September 12, 2013

The Becoming – Corpus Artifact-Publication traces the steps leading up to Becoming – Corpus through words, images, and the histories surrounding LEIMAY’s research, ideas, and actions. Acting at once as a recollection of past events and a complementary component of Becoming – Corpus, the Artifact – Publication is an accumulation of ideas and time. It steps through the process – based work of LEIMAY while inciting visions toward the future of the company. The Becoming -Corpus Artifact – Publication is edited by Angeli Sion and designed by Hiram Pines. As a printed matter, the piece is one de-constructed grid meant to be seen both fragmented and composed.

The artists’ creation process of selected works is documented in this series of printed publications through words, images, and the histories surrounding the LEIMAY Ensemble and Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya’s research, ideas, and actions. As a documents and an objects, the Process Book Series seeks to ask the questions and reflect the research at the heart of the artists’ work itself.


Brooklyn Academy of Music 

Other pieces in The Process Book Series

IMAGE CREDIT: Designed: Hiram Pines

Researcher, Editor, and Archivist: Angeli Sion

Design: Hiram Pines

Words: Angeli Sion and Ximena Garnica

Additional Content Contributors: Susan Mar Landau, Shige Moriya, Hiram Pines

Photographers: Pavel Antonov, Ximena Garnica, Harry Hanson, Yana Kraeva, Shige Moriya, Angeli Sion, Yara Travieso, Raul Zbengheci

Printing Partner: ColorCoded

2013, United States, New York, Brooklyn Academy of Music