borders Publication //
February 19, 2016

Documenting borders and LEIMAY’s work, 1996–2016. Both a recollection of past events and a complementary component of the stage production, the borders book documents the steps leading up to borders through words, images, and the histories surrounding LEIMAY’s research, ideas, and actions.

The artists’ creation process of selected works is documented in this series of printed publications through words, images, and the histories surrounding the LEIMAY Ensemble and Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya’s research, ideas, and actions. As documents and objects, the Process Book Series seeks to ask the questions and reflect the research at the heart of the artists’ work itself.



IMAGE CREDIT: Design: Hiram Pines


Writers: Ximena Garnica, Lucy Kerr, Hiram Pines

Designer: Hiram Pines

Editors: Rachel Cohen, Lucy Kerr, Hiram Pines

Researcher Archivist: Lucy Kerr

Photographers: Pavel Antonov, Harry Hanson, Georgia Johnson, Lucy Kerr, Yana Kraeva, Lindsey Mandolini,, Shige Moriya, Enya Mommsen, Yara Travieso, Jeremy Tressler

Additional Content Contributors: Masanori Asahara, Joe Diebes, John DiMartini, Derek DiMartini, Jeff Friedman, Andrea Jones, Lindsey Mandolini,Daanish Masood, Shige Moriya, Nimrod Reitman, Peter Sciscioli, Jeff Shortt, Emily Smith

Production: Hiram Pines, Raul Zbengheci

Printer: Cast of Characters


2016  United States, Brooklyn