Floating Point Waves //
April 6, 2012

Floating Point Waves is an environment of strings, water, a solo performance, real-time video, and live electronic music that unveils the relationship between the human body and natural elements.  Movement, water, and light respond to one another as an organic causal chain unfolds, echoing that of our own natural world.  Startling performance and exquisite design reverberate through the space, framing a landscape where beauty coexists with darkness.

IMAGE CREDIT:  Photo Documentation: Piotr Redlinski and Shige Moriya


Choreography and Performance: Ximena Garnica

Additional Lighting Design: Solomon Weisbard

Sound Composition: Jeremy D. Slater


Floating Point Waves was commissioned, developed and produced through the HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP).  With production and developmental support from LEIMAY and the Puffin Foundation, and additional developmental support from the New Hazlett Theater residency.   Floating Point Waves has received generous funding from mediaThe foundation inc.  Additional Artistic Contributors: Denisa Musilova, Irem Calikusu, Stephanie Lanckton (dancers), Roland Toledo (sound artist) and Poe Saegusa (lighting designer).

2012, United States, New York, HERE