Thresholds //
September 12, 2014

Thresholds was created specially for the mausoleums at Green-Wood Cemetery. Thresholds explores the fragility and resilience of life through a rising and falling dance at the threshold of death.

IMAGE CREDIT: Photo Documentation: Shige Moriya


Performer: Ximena Garnica

LEIMAY Ensemble and Guest Performers: Masanori Asahara, Baptiste Denient, Andrea Jones, Joao Carlos Pinheiro Macedo, Liz McAuliffe, Mel Yamamoto, and Raul Zbengheci.

Soprano Vocalist: Rachel Love

Live Score: Jeremy D. Slater

Soprano for Subsequent Performances: Liene Camarena Fogele
Created for BEAT Festival

2014, United States, Brooklyn, Greenwood Cemetery (Premiere)

2015, United States, Brooklyn, Gil Hodges Community Garden